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Nathan's rugby games
Sep 2022
State Fair 2022
Sep 2022
Big Falls City Campground
Aug 2022
We found this gem on our way back from Rainy Lake. Tall trees, accessible rapids, and photo ops galore!
Scenic State Park
Aug 2022
Sparkling lake? Check. Towering pines? Check. Wildlife? Check. It's official, the name fits!
Schoolcraft State Park
Aug 2022
Come for the trees! Stay for the trees! Read the sign about trees, made from trees, near some trees!
Father Hennepin State Park
Aug 2022
Nice park, but time was tight, so we only took a picture of the entrance sign.
Mille Lacs Kathio State Park
Aug 2022
The last of the dozen state parks we visited during our Rainy Lake vacation!
McCarthy Beach State Park
Aug 2022
A charming park, even in dreary weather. The enormous, shallow, sandy beach practically begs for a game of water football.
Lake Vermillion State Park
Aug 2022
A drizzly carside tour through MN's newest state park. Not much to see here, though it does have a few modern-looking group cabins.
Soudan Underground Mine State Park
Aug 2022
A historic iron ore mine set amidst a wooded valley. We didn't tour the mine, but we did visit the comically well-hidden visitor center.
Bear Head Lake State Park
Aug 2022
A 670-acre lake tucked away in a secluded pine forest. We saw plenty of deer, but thankfully no bear heads.
Franz Jevne State Park
Aug 2022
A small, wooded park perched on the glassy-smooth Rainy River, along the U.S.-Canada border
Zippel Bay State Park
Aug 2022
The northernmost MN state park, located on the monstrously-large Lake of the Woods. What a beach!
Hayes Lake State Park
Aug 2022
A surprisingly-nice park with great views and overlooks. A large snapping turtle greeted us at the dam - a good omen in my book.
Old Mill State Park
Aug 2022
Of all the old mills we've seen, this was certainly one of them!
Lake Bronson State Park
Aug 2022
Why does this top-notch park have to be in the middle of nowhere??
Road warriors
Aug 2022
JD and Kristen snap a few pics of clouds and monuments on their 400-mile trek through NW Minnesota
Rainy Lake vacation: Start!
Aug 2022
JD and Kristen pack up the van and hit the road. Rainy Lake, here we come!
Jun-Aug 2022
Pictures of our garden, taken throughout the summer
Dog park
Jun 2022
JD, Dad, and Reilly enjoying a beautiful (but windy) day at the dog park
Easter with Kristen's family
Apr 2022
Easter with JD's family
Apr 2022
Apr 2022
A wintery weekend getaway
Mar 2022
Spending some good qualilty game time with one of our wonderful nieces